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On April 30th and May 1st the first qualification round for the German nats in group middle was held at Linsenkessel of MSV Linsengericht. Marcus and Vanessa Wende both participated with their XRAY XB8 2015 in the expert class. After 3 rounds both qualified directly for the semifinals.

Marcus started in semifinal B and Vanessa in semifinal A, both bumped up into themain final. The main final was 30 minutes, Marcus had a pretty good start but Vanessa had some problems and was on position 10 with half a lap behind to position 9. After a few minutes she showed a great performance and was able to catch up to the other drivers and at the end she finished with a great 4th position. Marcus showed a consistent performance during the whole final and at the end he finished on 2nd place. Both cars showed a great performance and felt very comfortable.

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Final results:
1. Manuel B├╝ssing
2. Marcus Wende - XB8 2015
3. Haroun Schobner
4. Vanessa Wende - XB8 2015
5. Tim Kunz