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The last indoor race of the season was held in Vladimir on April 16-17. There were 53 drivers in TC10 class (using EFRA rules), and the race consisted of 5 qualifying rounds (best round) and 3 finals (best 2 finished places). It was the most successful race for Team XRAY Russia: four XRAY drivers in the A Final, claiming the TQ, best lap, and the win!

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The best setup was found on Friday and all other XRAY drivers used this excellent setup, and subsequently did very well.

Final results:

1. Artem Lopukhin (XRAY)
2. Zuikov Denis (XRAY)

3. Karpov Vitaly
4. Laptev Ivan
5. Malishko Dmitry
6. Guiline Max (XRAY)
7. Smirnov Alexander
8. Piskunov Sergey (XRAY)
9. Nedryanko Anatoly
10. Petrov Ury

More info about the XRAY Challenge - Russia you can find on the Customer Service Forum.