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Morava - Brno 23.4.2005

The first XRAY CHALLENGE in the Czech Republic was held in Brno and here began the battle for points in this challenge and also for the qualification for the final race in the XRAY arena.

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There were two categories, although there was a third category OldStar 40+ which I rate high as there are many excellent racers who can show us a great racing. So there were a total of three categories, the biggest one was Touring car (in this belong was category OldStar 40+) and the third one was the Hobby category. Every racer had four qualification rounds from these only the best time counted in the final race.

Touring Car Qualification click to enlarge
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Tomáš Kubica is always better. All that he was showing in the winter season when he from time-to-time managed to win over the top Czech racers, he managed it also in Brno where he was TQ. One second behind him was Martin Ko?ínek, and two seconds behind Martin was Michal N?me?ek.

Hobby Qualification click to enlarge
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Jan Matyáš was TQ and left second place qualifier Vlastimil Handl 4 seconds behind, and in third place was Dolanský.

Touring Car Final

Tomáš Kubica and Martin Ko?ínek were battling for the lead although Michal N?me?ek was also fast but made two mistakes and ended up off the track and this cost him third place. One minute to the end it looked like Martin Ko?ínek would win but Tomas (who was close to him) managed to pass Martin and win the first XRAY Challenge. The winner in B Final was Karel Št?pánek in front of Old?ich Groch and Ond?ej Hotárek.

Final results of Touring Car category of the XRAY Challenge: click to enlarge
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1. Kubica Tomáš XRAY T1FK05
2. Ko?ínek Martin XRAY T1FK05

3. Ko?ínek Roman CORALLY RDX
4. N?me?ek Michal XRAY TFK05
5. Parák Vít XRAY RAYCER

6. Toman Ji?í
7. Švarc René
8. Kup?ík Petr
9. Št?pánek Karel
10. Groch Old?ich
11. Hotárek Ond?ej
12. Holiš Daniel
13. Pospíchal Toní?ek

Final Hobby click to enlarge
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Jan Matyáš had to battle to hold his first position but did not made any big mistakes so he managed to win this race.

Final results of Hobby category:
1. Matyáš Jan XRAY RAYCER
2. Handl Vlastimil XRAY RAYCER
3. Peška Milan XRAY T1
4. Pavlovec Ji?í XRAY T1
5. Bábovský Martin st. XRAY T1

6. Dolanský Miroslav
7. Brodský Tomáš
8. Novotný Petr
9. Pavlovec Tomáš
10. Kup?ík Mat?j
11. Kurka Martin
12. Šustr Michal
13. Policar Roman
14. Bábovský Martin ml.

OldStar40+ Final click to enlarge
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Jirka Toman was the only one from the 40+ who managed to race in the A final so he won the OldStar category in front of Old?ich Groch and Toní?ek Pospíchal.

I would like to thank all the racers that entered this first XRAY Challenge and I hope that we will meet also at the second race of the XRAY CHALLENGE at 18th June in Blansko.