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Race report by Martin Wollanka
Austria Nats Rd.1 was held in Graz. My car worked very well from beginning, it was the fastest on the track and easy to drive. During the practice and qualifying I tested some set-up changes but at the end I switched back to my starting set-up as it was just the best.

After qualifying I was in first place and I felt confident going to the finals. In the semifinal I tested how hard I can push and did two mistakes which was just enough for Bauer Dominic to finish first and I took second place.

The final was the best and hardest ever at the same time. After my good international results, I felt a lot of pressure, expectations were very high. I knew I had to win this race, but Dominic wanted it as well. We drove together all the 45 min, same speed, same pace and only max. 5 seconds gap. Making no major mistakes we pushed all the way to the end and I won just 1 sencond in fron tof Dominic. Dominic is, in my opinion, one of the absolute top drivers. Also Michael Nalukowy showed a great performance, he just had a bad luck in the beginning and finished 3rd.

Final results:
1. Wollanka Martin – XRAY XB8
2. Bauer Dominic
3. Nalukowy Michael