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Check out the detailed & beautiful presentation of the long awaited all-new XRAY XB8E’16 at: https://teamxray.com/xb8e

All-new 2016:

• All-new chassis
• All-new chassis side guards
• All-new battery plate
• All-new front & rear braces
• All-new suspension concept
• All-new steering blocks
• All-new front upper arms
• All-new rear uprights
• All-new reinforced rear suspension arms
• All-new front upper pivot balls
• All-new rear mud guards
• All-new front & rear bulkheads
• All-new rear turnbuckles
• All-new front diff outdrive adapters
• All-new Ackermann
• All-new front upper deck
• All-new front & rear universal driveshafts
• All-new central drive shafts
• All-new servo saver alu stand
• All-new shock towers
• All-new rear shock body
• All-new front & rear springs
• All-new ball-bearings