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Finally, in the 3rd attempt nice weather welcomed all the drivers present at this year's first TopRC Dirt Masters (TDM) race in Blatni dol (Slovenia).

All drivers used 1set of SP Racing Terminator XSS (reactive insert) controlled tyres which lasted the whole event and still a lot of tyre left after the race. Performance was also very good.

In the qualification it was Žiga Pajek (XRAY) taking TQ already after the first 2 rounds in front of Andraž Štefe (XRAY) and Nejc Oražem.

In the B final it was Nicolas Vincent taking the win in front of 2 promissing young drivers. Mark Laban Gričar (XRAY) was 2nd and Bor Božičnik.

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1. Nicolas Vincent
2. Mark Laban Gričar - XRAY XB8E
3. Bor Božičnik
4. Matej Ratko - XRAY XB8E
5. Žiga Špeh

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In the A final it was again Žiga Pajek (XRAY) taking the overall win after 2 rounds. Second place went to Dejan Cigler and 3rd was Nejc Oražem after a close battle with Andraž Štefe (XRAY).

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1. Žiga Pajek - XRAY XB8E
2. Dejan Cigler
3. Nejc Oražem
4. Andraž Štefe - XRAY XB8E
5. Peter Cej - XRAY XB8E

6. Miran Ropret
7. Sašo Kramljak - XRAY XB8E
8. Matevž Furlan - XRAY XB8E

Finally, the tombola took place and Dejan Cigler and Miran Ropret won REDS V8 1900kv motor and REDS TXX PRO 150A ESC!

Thanks to the track staff for the nice prepared track and a good atmosphere!

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Next TDM race will take place at the Ongaroring-Sacile (Italy) on 10th July:
TDM 2016 - Ongaroring
See you at the races!!!