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The Bali Fun Race was held on 19th of June 2016 at WillSon Track, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Drivers from Jakarta, Surabaya, Batam, Kendari, Medan and Bali attended this event.

The race format should be 4 rounds of 10 minutes qualifying times with 3 best rounds to count. Due to rain at qualifying rd 4, race director decided to count 2 best rounds of 3 qualifying.

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After 3 times qualification, I got TQ and I went to final A. In final A, I started from position no 1, I got bad start and it made me to chase from 12th position , I tried to take back my 1st position around 20 min of race. Since this race was my test race with new XB8 2016, I got 2 times flame out because the fuel tank cap stuck on car body after refueling. Need to make it bigger. After second flame out I drop down to 3rd position. I could only chase and finished at 2nd place. Anyway, the new XB8 feel better on cornering and landing than previous version. My new team mate, Indra Liono got 1st position and he felt satisfied with his car.

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Final results:
1. Indra Liono - XRAY XB8
2. Jason Nugroho (TQ) - XRAY XB8

3. Yoko Sumarto
4. Falla
5. Andreas Yong
6. Asang Ho
7. Willy Santana
8. Roy Suprapto
9. Atek JW - XRAY XB8
10. Yulius

Set-up sheet:
Jason Nugroho