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The race was held at Modelodromio track in Patra. The weather was sunny and the traction was medium. Our driver Dimitriou (XRAY) easily TQed at 3 of 4 qualification rounds that gave him the overall TQ. In the second spot was another XRAY driver Papadopoulos (XRAY).

Starting grid:

1. Dimitriou – XRAY NT1
2. Papadopoulos – XRAY NT1

3. Sotiropoulos
4. Christodoulo
5. Mpastas
6. Chatziantoniou
7. Kiritsis
8. Panagiotopoulos - XRAY NT1
9. Karageorgiou
10. Kontogeorgopoulos
11. Diamadis – XRAY NT1

In the final Dimitriou(Xray) was the fastest car in the track in very hot conditions. Dimitriou (XRAY) won the main final with a huge gap. In the second place finish Papadopoulos (XRAY) and Christodoulou in third.

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1. Dimitriou – XRAY NT1
2. Papadopoulos – XRAY NT1

3. Christodoulou
4. Sotiropoulos
5. Chatziantoni
7. Karageorgiou
8. Kontogeorgopoulos
9. Diamadis – XRAY NT1
10. Panagiotopoulos – XRAY NT1

11. Mpastas