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Race report by Jarno Pijpers
On Sunday we drove the 4th Buggy Cup NL in Groningen. Due to the rain the track was wet and muddy and unpredictable. We started the qualifications and I was able to take TQ.
The start of the semifinal was a good one for me. But after a few minutes Bart Mullink was very close and he was able to took the first spot. Also I finished on the 2nd place in my final, my time was good enough for the second spot in the A-final. The start of the A final was good but in the first round Jordi Velder passed me and took the lead. After a few minutes I made a mistake. And Sander was really close behind me. I made my pit stops at 7:30. But Sander did a great job because he managed to drive 10 minutes with his FX. My rear suspension was full of mud and did not work well. I was not able to fight for the second place with Sander. I am very happy with my XB8, it’s also very good on a wet track.

Thanks to Erna de Wit for hospitality and pit help.

And my Sponsers: XRAY, RC-Connect, FX , HUDY,HD power servo’s, hotfire fuell
1. Jordy Velder
2. Sander van Genechten - XRAY XB8
3. Jarno Pijpers - XRAY XB8

4. Anne Storm
5. Rajco van der Sluijs
6. Wouter Bouwens
7. Colin Meijer
8. Bjorn Nagels
9. Alex Kozijn
10. Mike Greijmans