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Race report by Ashlee Owen
This weekend we attended the second round of the northern regional series with my FX Powered XB8’16. I had been to the track a few times before but it had changed slightly for this race. It was very well presented and made for some great racing all day long.

Qualifying provided some great racing with Graham Alsop taking TQ with his XB8’16 with myself in 2nd. Other notable results throughout the field including Mick Butler qualifying 4th with his XB8’16 after only the second time running the buggy. Clive Maland and Chris Horrocks amongst others going very well with their XB8's also.

Going into the finals Graham Alsop convincingly took the win in the main and lead from start to finish. I had a terrible start and was promoted to dead last after a couple of laps. With a solid fuel strategy from my FX K5DC I was able to work my way through the field, setting fast laps to take a solid second... Giving an XRAY 1/2! Mick Butler was in contention with his buggy but had trouble with the batteries just over half way through.

A very enjoyable day with a great result for the XB8’16.

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Final results:
1. Graham Alsop – XRAY XB8
2. Ashlee Owen – XRAY XB8

3. Colin Brennan
4. Stuart Mahon
5. Richard Greenough
6. Lewis Rushton
7. Jordan Shelton
8. Kevin Armstrong
9. Mick Butler – XRAY XB8
10. Mark Redmond