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Race report by Sebastian Beltran
The first race of the second championship was held at Bima racing track in Bogota. Sebastian got the TQ in 4 rounds of qualifying. In the first lap of the A-main he had some issues and was out about 2 minutes off the race. He had to come from almost 4 laps down through the 30 minute main final, to reach the top spot in the last couple of minutes of the race, also setting down the fastest time recorded on the track. This was Sebastian’s first race with his new XB8 2016.

Great performance was also shown by second driver Yovanny Vergara who started fourth on the grid and third place Pablo Mojica who started from seventh place on the grid. All of them are driving XRAYs powered by FX engines.

Top 3:

1. Sebastian Beltran - XB8
2. Yovanny Vergara - XB8
3. Pablo Mojica - XB8