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Race report by Otto Götzl
The 5th round of Senior race on our track is over. After one year I returned to the track for racing. It was very difficult to replace the role from mechanic to driver. I drove Max's chassis XRAY XB8’16 and engine FX K3.

In the first quali I made fastest time but in the second and then all qualies Karel Hajek beat me. All qualies were ok and I sucesfully finished on the 2nd position.

I started from th 1st place in semifinal B where we had few technical problems, but my mechanic worked skillfully and I bumped up to the main final where I was starting from the 11th position. In this final we had some problems too from the start but then I drove well and finished 3rd.

Thanks to everyone who came to compete and create great racing atmosphere. And to my son Max who was my mechanic and together we managed the race.

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Final results:
1. Karel Hajek
2. Míra Fedeleš
3. Otto Götzl - XRAY XB8
4. Pavel Braun
5. Petr Javorovský
6. Jan Hujer
7. Martin Beníček - XRAY XB8
8. Zdeněk Zicha
9. Ernest Tamáš - XRAY XB8
10. Jan Bílek
11. Martin Kobrle
12. Jiří Novotný
13. Jaroslav Valder - XRAY XB8
14. Martn Vinš
15. Petr Dvorak - XRAY XB8

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