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Race report by Max Götzl
Open Race was last weekend in Trutnov Czech Republic. We came there on Saturday’s morning and started practicing. The track was very wet in the morning. At 9:30 the qualifications started.

For the first quali the track was drier and I won it. The second quali was very similiar and I won again. For third quali the track was yet drier and we again changed set-up but I won too. All qualies ended and the rain hit the track.

The track was wet again and we put the same set-up as in the morning. I was starting 1st to all finals. In the 1st & 2nd final I kept the 1st position from start to the end and in both crossed the finish line in 1st position.

I took the overall TQ and win. My XB8 and my FX engine were working great all the race. Thanks to all drivers for good race and good atmosphere and to my dad for being my mechanic.


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Top 3:
1. Max Götzl – XRAY XB8
2. Petr Tomášek
3. Marek Střihavka