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On a whim me and my dad decided to participate in round #5 of the Grenland 2WD Championship series in Skien, Norway.

We arrived 30 minutes before start of qualifying and managed to put in 2 battery packs of practice before it got serious.

I won the qualifiers to start first on the grid for the triple A-mains. Managed to win the first two mains and also put in the only 14 laps run of the day. For the 3rd and final A-main my battery dumped on lap 9 while holding a 15 sec lead. But since I won the first two finals my overall victory was already secured.

My ORCA powered XRAY XB2 worked awesome as usual on the brilliant GMBK astro track.
I always have a great time racing here :)

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1. Malin Karlsen - XRAY XB2 CE
2. Mathias Fink
3. Petter Strand