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Race report by Stanislav Kokol
The Slovenian Electric On-road National Championship was held at the Tolmin track – 'Miniavtodrom na Logu' two weekends ago. The technical and fast track with its nice layout and flat surface. The track was prepared with sugared water. This track is one of my favorites. We were divided into 3 classs: Stock, Modified and GT/Rally. Perfect weather conditions made for some nice days of racing with the action having started already on Saturday (free practice). On Sunday started with 3 runs of qualifying and after the lunch break we started finals runs.

In 1/10 Touring Stock 13.5 class it was Stanislav Kokol (XRAY T4/LRP/MachMore) who won the race in front of Darko Nemec and the young driver Bjan Mikložič (TQ) in 3rd place, all racing XRAY T4 cars.

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Top 3 Stock:
1. Stanislav Kokol - XRAY T4
2. Darko Nemec - XRAY T4
3. Bjan Mikložič (TQ) - XRAY T4

In all 3 Qualification runs we saw a great fight between Bjan and Stanislav. So Bjan got TQ and win the first final. The 2nd and 3rd final win Stanislav with started perfect and no mistakes during the race. He won one round before the competition Darko and Bjan. His the best time is 22.183s and 14 laps.

In 1/10 Touring Modified class it was Darko Nemec (XRAY T4/REDS/REDS) who won the race in front of Stanislav Kokol (TQ) and Kristjan Mikložič in 3rd place, all with XRAY T4 cars.

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Top 3 Mod:
1. Darko Nemec - XRAY T4
2. Stanislav Kokol (TQ) - XRAY T4
3. Kristjan Mikložič - XRAY T4

In 1/8 GT/Rally class it was won by Nejc Oražem, second was Matevž Homar and third was Sašo Kramljak.

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Slovenian Club (MSŠ – Model Sport Štajerska) drivers Kristjan, Bjan, Darko and Stanislav racing with XRAY T4 cars. All drives have been on the podium. KOKOL and NEMEC win at Slovenian electric On-road Nationals 2016.

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Slovenian 1/10th National Champion (Stock) and vice Champion (Modified) Stanislav Kokol. Stanislav has two XRAY T4'16 cars. The first car for the Stock 13.5T class powered by LRP Flow/MochMore 13.5/LRP 5800/Volante and second car for the Modified class powered by LRP Flow/LRP X20 4.5/LRP 5800/SP.

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