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Last round of Finnish 1/10 Electric Offroad Nationals were held at Vantaa. Track was perfect for 1/10 cars.

In 2wd qualifying Joel Valander TQed two rounds and he was starting first in the grid. Karri Salmela was starting second followed by Joona Haatanen.

In finals Joel was struggling as the track was drying and getting little dusty. Karri took win in first two finals and secured National title. Joona Haatanen finished second as he won third main.

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2wd Overall results:
1. Karri Salmela
2. Joona Haatanen
3. Joel Valander - XRAY XB2
4. Juha Aromaa
5. Jari Itävuori
6. Sami Salmela
7. Oskari Mäki
8. Tomi Mairue
9. Jani Hovi
10. Tuomo Otsavaara- XRAY XB2

4wd National title was already secured by Joel Valander. Joel was looking fastest in 4wd practice and he continued that pace to qualifying. Joel was starting first followed by Karri Salmela and Joona Haatanen. Karri was chasing Joel in finals but couldn't pass. Joel won first two mains! Karri finished second overall and Juha Aromaa third.

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4wd Overall results:
1. Joel Valander - XRAY XB4
2. Karri Salmela
3. Juha Aromaa
4. Joona Haatanen
5. Valtteri Eklund - XRAY XB4
6. Lauri Ruotsalainen
7. Tomi Mairue - XRAY XB4
8. Oskari Mäki
9. Ari-Pekka Kyykkä - XRAY XB4
10. Jani Hovi - XRAY XB4

Joel's comments after race:

" I'm little disappointed that I did mistakes in 2wd finals after having great qualifying, I was so close to take second national title. But winning all four races in 4wd feels really good! My XRAY with Hobbywing and Highest electronics were dialed all day and I only needed to focus putting fast and clean laps. Huge thanks to all my sponsors: XRAY, Eurorc.com, Hobbywing, Highest, Hudy, EV-Peak and T-shades and of course my family for support! "