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Race report by Jarno Pijpers
On Sunday we drove the 5th Dutch buggy cup Groningen at real 80. It was a small and tight track. In the training Saturday on a dry track my XRAY was really good. But in the night it rained really hard. The track was very wet but after a while we could drive. After the qualifications I had the 4th spot. And I won my semi final. And that was good enough for a third spot in the a final.

I started the final really good I was able to take the second place in the first lap. And I was making my way to the number 1 Bart Mullink. I was really close behind Bart and we both crashed, because off another car on the track. I got up before Bart and I made a really big gap. But after a while I dropped the pace to drive a little bit saver. That was not a good idea because Bart Mullink was very fast and closed the gap. He was a few seconds behind. And it was 5 minutes to go. But I made a mistake and Bart came closer. I drove a turn a little bit too far he overtook me and I was not able to take the first place back. It was a great race. Thank to my sponsors: XRAY/RC-connect, FX engines, RMV (hotfire fuel/power HD), MRV Valkenswaard , and my parents.

TOP 10

1. Bart Mullink
2. Jarno Pijpers - XRAY XB8
3. Sander van Genechten - XRAY XB8

4. Jordy Velder
5. Anne Storm
6. Robin Maas
7. Jacco Koch
8. Peter Haaima
9. Robbin Geerdink
10. Nathan Lejeuz