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Last weekend was the last round of the French Nationals. Armand and Lorenzo Crolla were battling for titles in 2wd & 4wd classes.

Saturday practice and qualifying day. Directly booth car worked perfectly and were super easy to drive and were fast. I just had to learn the track.

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I took all 3 TQs on that day in 2wd and 4wd and did some clean run so the TQs were secured. On Sunday I made some changes on my XB2 which did not work well. Depite the changes I mde the TQ but the pace wasn't good. In the 4wd the car stayed the same and took the last TQ and secured the overall TQ.

For the Final I had the strategy as in 2wd to take the title I had to finish in the top 3 so I drove carefully without taking any risk and finished 2nd in A1 & A2 and won the A3 and finished 2nd which secures me the first National Title.

In 4wd the race was different. It was simply - if I want the title I needed to win. And I did it. Took the wins in A1 & A2 with more less 12 seconds in front of the 2nd place.

The weekend was perfect, great atmosphere in Team XRAY and with the friends, the cars perfect all the week and moreover I becomes French National Champion in 2wd & 4wd classes with my XB2 & XB4!

Thanks to all my sponsors for what they do for me all the year!
XRAY ; Hudy ; RcConcept ; Proline ; Maugrafix ; Spektrum ; Aigoin Racing

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Final results 2wd :
1. Lanthaume Armand - XRAY XB2
2. Crolla Lorenzo - TQ - XRAY XB2

3. Valtier Ludovic
4. Risser Nicolas - XRAY XB2
5. Deroch Stephane
6. Parnot Julien
7. Ferrandis Julian
8. Formentin Julien
9. Sion Benjamin
10. Vialle Arnaud
11. Caillet Laurent
12. Guerbois Francois

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Final results 4wd :
1. Crolla Lorenzo - TQ - XRAY XB4'16
2. Armand Lanthaume - XRAY XB4'16
3. Risser Nicolas - XRAY XB4'16
4. Briere Mathieu - XRAY XB4'16
5. Deroch Stephane - XRAY XB4'16

6. Seysen Kevin
7. Beauquier Alexandre - XRAY XB4'16
8. Matohanza Arnaud - XRAY XB4'16

9. Parnot Julien
10. Guerbois François - XRAY XB4'16
11. Chaffardon Mathieux Bobby
12. Formentin Julien

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