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Summer part of Czech national championship was held in Brno-Bosonohy. Local racing team prepared their very fast asphalt track well, so that over fifty drivers all around Czech Republic could compete for title in five official classes. Those were GT Open, GT Stock, Formula, Stock and Modified.

As mentioned, track in Brno is fast enough to enjoy full-power experience, what means two things. First one is raised level of adrenaline in blood connected tightly with the second aspect – dangerousness. All around the track were placed one feet tall concrete walls in order to prevent flying cars to get further and cause another crashes. Good or bad? Who knows? Anyway Friday´s practice was such an expensive event for some.

With the paragraph above I partly uncovered the weekend program. On Saturday it was time for qualifications. Particularly five, three counted. And last, but not the least on Sunday there were four rounds of final heats. The first one was just for practice.

What else should be mentioned? Maybe tires. In 4WD classes drivers used Hot Race. Three sets were available for modified, two for Stock class. Even though conditions brought super-hot weather, tires were consistent all the way through the heat and there was almost no difference between performance in first and second heat. Thumbs up!

Now let´s put the attention on the track.

GT Stock: Ludek Szostek took tone to tone victory in 1st and 3rd final, what brought him another national title to his set. Second place was occupied by local driver Jiri Groch and third spot came to Martin Krejci.

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1. Ludek Szostek
2. Jiri Groch - XRAY X10
3. Martin Krejci
4. Jaromir Sattler - XRAY X10
5. Michal Rapant - XRAY X10

GT Open: Roman Krejci, as a favorite of event again confirmed his capabilities winning the race in front of raising Slovakian star Andrej Vnucko and Czech junior Ondrej Kohoutek.

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1. Roman Krejci
2. Andrej Vnucko - XRAY X10
3. Ondrej Kohoutek - XRAY X10

4. Drahoslav Hejtmanek
5. Petr Sorf

Formula: The most participated class saw very nice battles through the racing field. In the end it was Lukas Hoch, young talented guy from local team, who was able to take overall victory ahead of Svetlin Douhlevski and Jiri Groch. Martin Janicek with Ludek Szostek on his tail completed the TOP5.

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1. Lukas Hoch - XRAY X1
2. Svetlin Douhlevski - XRAY X1
3. Jiri Groch - XRAY X1
4. Martin Janicek - XRAY X1

5. Ludek Szostek
6. Jakub Vicha - XRAY X1
7. Andrej Vnucko - XRAY X1

8. Vladimir Toman
9. Milos Pokorny
10. Jaromir Sattler

Stock: Fresh junior world champion from latest YIRCA championship Oliver Havranek was able to get by Vlastimil Svec and Ales Pelikan, who both started in front of him and grabbed home national title from Stock class. Second place remained for TQ man Ales Pelikan, who could be disappointed from his mistakes costing him too much. Third place saved in pocket Vlastimil Svec. TOP5 was completed by Jirka Svoboda and Pavel Magda.

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1. Oliver Havranek - XRAY T4
2. Ales Pelikan - XRAY T4
3. Vlastimil Svec - XRAY T4

4. Jiri Svoboda
5. Pavel Magda - XRAY T4

Modified: The most prestigious class of the weekend showed spectators great performance, close fights, many surprises and much more. Everything started during qualification. At first Jiri Vysin seemed to take TQ for Sunday. Radek Flek, who was his closest fellow on the track started to fight with overheating of tires and inability to get better result passed a chance to other drivers. Kuba Simurda struggled with electronics, what cost him TQ from fourth and fifth round of qualification and Petr Grof, another event´s favorite was not fast enough.

Concentration was focused on those drivers, but Radek Voda, who inconspicuously drove his XRAY for low-points results was the luckiest one at the end. Second place for finals took Jiri Vysin and Radek Flek started third. On Sunday Jiri Vysin continued with putting pressure on Radek, what was praised with victory in first leg. Then he gained two second places from another finals and overall victory was in his pocket. Second place grabbed Kuba Simurda. Having DNS in first final he had to push hard. In second final he managed to get just fourth position after contacts with other drivers, but in the last final, despite spin on the grid, he won. Petr Grof, showing consistent pace built on experiences, finished third in front of Radek Flek, the underdog. Radek was able to finish just one final. Fifth position came to Oliver Havranek.

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1. Jiri Vysin - XRAY T4
2. Kuba Simurda - XRAY T4

3. Petr Grof
4. Radek Flek
5. Oliver Havranek - XRAY T4
6. Matej Sulc
7. Radek Voda - XRAY T4
8. Karel Dolezal
9. David Cermak - XRAY T4
10. Zdenek Benes - XRAY T4

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