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Race report by Hupo Honigl
XRAY is double Austrian Champion 2016. With 109 different participants it was a very good year for the National Series. The XB4 already proofed that is the best platform for a couple of years and my 2016 version of the car worked perfect with almost the same setup all year on all kinds of track conditions. In 2016 the XB4 was the most used car in all A-mains at every event.

The XB2 dirt edition also showed great performance in its first year on all tracks - many racers were skeptic in the beginning of the season how the car will perform on dirt - but most of them were impressed about the handling and there will for sure be more cars at the Austrian tracks next year.

In the end there were 5 rounds planned, with one cancelled due to rain, so there were 3 of 4 which counted.

In 4wd and 2wd 3 out of 4 rounds were won by XRAY in each class - (in 4wd it should have been 4 from 4, but due to a wrong counting which was never corrected, we lost one win.)

The 5th and last round of the Austrian Nationals 1/10th Offroad was held up north on the track of the WBC Hoheneich. The track was very technical and in perfect racing conditions.

In 4wd it was already clear early in practice that local XRAY driver Roland Macho would be hard to beat on his home soil. He won all rounds of qualifying with Martin Kreil in the 2nd and myself in the 3rd place.

The finals were super exciting with all those 3 drivers finishing with the same points after 3 finals, which means the fastest time had to decide. Roland Macho won with the fastest win in the final in front of Martin Kreil and myself.

In 2wd I could get the TQ spot in front of Stefan Pfeifhofer and Peter Pinisch in 3rd. The first 2 finals were really chaotic and saw 6 different drivers finishing in the top 3 spots, which means all of them still had a shot on winning the event.

In the last final I finally found my concentration and rhythm and could win the final and the event in front of Stefan Pfeifhofer and young talented driver Lucas Grainer.

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R5 final results 4WD:
1st Roland Macho – XRAY XB4
2nd Martin Kreil
3rd Hupo Hönigl – XRAY XB4
4th Rene Trauner
5th Stefen Pfeifhofer
6th Prihoda Marcus – XRAY XB4
7th Th. Diesslbacher – XRAY XB4

8th Lucas Grainer
9th Marcel Rekettye
10th Peter Pinisch

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R5 final results 2WD:
1st Hupo Hönigl – XRAY XB2
2nd Stefen Pfeifhofer
3rd Lucas Grainer
4th Martin Kreil
5th Marcel Rekettye
6th Peter Pinisch
7th Christian Lanzl
8th Rene Trauner
9th Prihoda Marcus
10th Roland Hauleitner

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Overall Results 2WD:
1st Hupo Hönigl – XRAY XB2
2nd Peter Pinisch
3rd Stefan Pfeifhofer
4th Marcel Rekettye
5th Lucas Grainer
6th Rene Trauner
7th Christian Lanzl
8th Roland Hauleitner
9th Thomas Pumpler
10th Andreas Janda – XRAY XB2

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Overall Results 4WD:
1st Hupo Hönigl – XRAY XB4
2nd Peter Pinisch
3rd Marcel Rekettye
4th Roland Macho – XRAY XB4
5th Stefan Pfeifhofer
6th Rene Trauner
7th Prihoda Marcus – XRAY XB4
8th Roland Hauleitner
9th Th. Diesslbacher – XRAY XB4
10th Martin Kreil

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