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Race report by Kaja Novotny
The 9th round of Czech Open series took place for the third time this season in Horni Jeleni. However this time track had much lower grip and some sections got very bumpy.

We started with my basic setup, but had to change it quite a lot for such tough conditions. In the end of practice day I was happy with my XB8’16 and looked forward for qualifications!

In Q1 my car was dialled, but broken clutch meant DNF. Max Gotzl took TQ in this round with his XB8’16! In Q2&Q3 I tried few more ideas, which didn’t work so good and I finished overall 3rd! Jiri Mara took the overall TQ and Max Gotzl finished 2nd!

In semifinal I got taken out in the first lap and had to fight my way back and finished overall 2nd and lined up as 3rd for the main!

In the main final Jiri & me got quickly away from the rest of the field and fought for the lead! After about 10 minutes something happened to my car (I lost about half of power) and I thought it’s “game over”, but my FX powered XB8’16 kept going and I only had to make wider turns before the jumps to be able to jump them.

Track conditions were super hard and almost everyone was crashing, but my car was super good and with not a single mistake I managed to stay about 8 sec behind the leader until 25th minute.

With 5 minutes to go, my car stopped on the other side of the track. I must say huge thanks to Jaroslav Valder, who did super-fast run for my car. It looked like the clutch was gone, but my mechanics managed start my car and it kept going (slowly, but did) on the track. In that time 3rd driver, Max Gotzl, also broke his car, but also managed to keep it going.

As both I and Max had about 2 laps on 4th&5th driver, we just tried to keep our cars on the track and in the end we both made it to the finishing line! Jiri Mara then took easy win! Probably the craziest final I have ever raced!

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TOP 12:
1. Jiri Mara (TQ)
2. Kaja Novotny – XRAY XB8
3. Max Gotzl – XRAY XB8 /1st in Junior class/
4. Frantisek Kalenda – XRAY XB8

5. Tomas Kapicka
6. Jiri Dvorak
7. Adam Babka – XRAY XB8
8. Petr Javorovsky
9. Martin Zicha
10. Vladimir Pour – XRAY XB8
11. Stepan Silhavy – XRAY XB8

12. Michal Sindelar

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In the end I must say huge thanks to my mechanics, without them I wouldn’t finish the race, thank you! Also huge thumbs up to my XB8’16 – the toughest conditions I’ve faced so far and car was amazing (setup on Xray forum)! Big thanks to my parents and my sponsors for their support!

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