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Jarno Pijpers won the first race of Model Indoor Oss competition. MIO changed the layout and it is now a complete astroturf track. The organization was great and the time table was good as well. It was nice that there were also some international drivers from Belgium, Germany, Denmark etc.

Jarno Pijpers:
"It was the first time with the new XRAY XB2. The car was great from the start and after a few changes it was just perfect. In the practice I tried different tires but the mini-pins were the best.

The qualifications went well and the last qualification I had the best time so I started from 2nd place in the A main finals just behind Bart Wubben, who had TQ.

The A mains were intense and I placed 3x a 2nd place which was enough for the overall win. I am really happy with the new car and I hope that with some fine tuning we can get it a little faster.

I want to thank my sponsors: XRAY/RC-connect and Motor Revisie Valkenswaard."

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Top 10 2WD

1. Jarno Pijpers – XRAY XB2

2. Thibault Jaqueloot
3. Frederik Hovgaard
4. Luca Jost
5. Wouter Wijnen
6. Bart Wubben – XRAY XB2
7. Jörg Mappel
8. Patrick van Gelder
9. Guido Kraft
10. Marcel Rottgekamp

Top 10 4WD

1. Frederik Hovgaard
2. Bart Wubben – XRAY XB4
3. Nigel van Katwijk
4. Jan Sievert – XRAY XB4
5. David Pauwels
6. Arie Vos – XRAY XB4
7. Racjo van der Sluijs
8. Yolan de Weerd
9. Dennis Popken
10. Jack Box – XRAY XB4