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Race report by Dillon Caldwell
The first round of qualifying I had a few crashes and I got a 5th for the round. Round 2 I had a bad start but came out in the end finishing 3rd overall and getting the fastest lap of the day. Round 3 I was on a possible TQ run while I was leading the race, then I caught up to a slower car and he wouldn’t let me by so because of that he ended up messing up both of our runs. I was not able to TQ or even improve my 3rd qualifying position because of that, but that’s not the end of the world because it wasn’t the main event. In the A-Main I had a decent run, I had a great fight with Nate Jaskot for the 2nd spot after we both had a couple of bobbles early on. I had a crash later in the race that costed me a chance for the 2nd spot. At least I tried my best and I got a solid 3rd place. My car was on point! The setup was great! Still need to try a couple of things but overall it was a great day of racing at SmacTrac Raceway with all my close friends.

2WD mod top 3:
1. Brad Dean
2. Nate Jaskot
3. Dillon Caldwell – XRAY XB2