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The third heat of the French national championnship was held in the south of France in Antibes. On this track a lot of fast drivers train very often. It will be hard to access the A final.About 70 drivers were there to compete in two categories: 20 in the Sport category (17T motr limitation) and 50 in Supersport category (EFRA rules and Sorex 32 tires).

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N. Vouilloz's car
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The weather was very sunny and hot. The track is very interresting : there isn't any real straight, just two long left curves : here the motor is not the most important. The surface is a low grip one, and it didn't increased a lot during the week-end. Many drivers made there chassis softer in remaining screws of the top deck.

Qualifications: click to enlarge
Joan Urbain's car
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In sport F. Valentin with his Xray FK get the pole position. The championnship leader J. Urbain with his FK05 get the second place on the starting grid, and just behind him his brother Lucas in third place. In supersport L. Labbez is the fastest. In 4th position we have got B. Thomaes with an Xray FK05, an N. Vouilloz is 6th. 9 local drivers accessed the A final.

Finals: click to enlarge
B. Thomaes's car
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In sport the 3 Xray cars were figthing for victory. finally L. Urbain was the best, followed by J. Urbain and F. Valentin after 3 final with a lot of suspens. In supersport, B. Thomaes was each time in the leading group and get the 3rd place. L. Labbez tried to resist but A. Laurent qualified in second position was very impressive, and was the strongest this week-end. He won 2 finals and get the victory.

Final results of the 3rd round of the French nationals in Sport: click to enlarge
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4. Matthieu MASSONNEAU
5. Michel BERTY
6. Olivier BEINING
7. Thomas COUTIER
8. Eug?ne ORER
9. Berhane ZENATI
10.Sébastien GUYON

Final results of the 3rd round of the French nationals in Supersport: click to enlarge
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1. Alexandre LAURENT
2. Lionel LABBEZ
3. Benoit THOMAES XRAY T1FK'05
4. Stephan BELLITY
5. Alexander VALENTE
7. Nicolas VOUILLOZ XRAY T1FK'05
8. Benoit LABBEZ
9. Mickaël MORELLI
10.Hugo RAGAUT