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2WD was held on Saturday and 4WD on Sunday. Joel Valander was on pace right from the start with his XRAY XB2 2017 and he TQed all three rounds of qualifying. Markku Honkanen was starting second and Konsta Saarinen third. In finals Joel pulled the gap already in first laps and secured overall win in A2.

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2WD Overall:
1. Joel Valander - XRAY
2. Markku Honkanen
3. Ari Heinonen
4. Jarno Siltanen
5. Konsta Saarinen - XRAY
6. Pekko Iivonen
7. Touko Silpola
8. Sami Salmela
9. Toni Niinivirta - XRAY
10. Lauri Ruotsalainen

4WD started with free practice after 2WD finals and it was no surprise that Joel Valander was at the top of the timesheets. Joel was on his own pace also in qualifying and TQed all three rounds again with a nice gap. In finals Joel did the same thing as he did in 2WD and secured easy looking win already in A2.

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4WD Overall:
1. Joel Valander - XRAY
2. Lauri Ruotsalainen
3. Ari Heinonen
4. Markku Honkanen
5. Mikko Luopajärvi
6. Jarno Siltanen
7. Konsta Saarinen - XRAY
8. Pekko Iivonen
9. Toni Niinivirta - XRAY
10. Topi Salminen – XRAY

Joel's comments:

"Nice to start year with clean sweep. In practice I did couple changes to my XB2 '17 and XB4'17 to adjust them to little bit lower grip conditions than usual and after that they were on point. Big thanks to XRAY EuroRC.com Hobbywing Hudy Highest EV-Peak and T-Shades!"

Joel's winning XB2 '17 Setup
Joel's winning XB4 '17 Setup

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