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Event : 5th XRAY Challenge Race 2005
Location : Stamata - Athens, Greece
Track : FRT (www.frt.gr)
Weather : Sunny, 23-25°C

There were a lot of participants once again, and the race venue included two qualifying rounds and three rounds for each final.

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In qualifying the conditions kept improving round after round. Thus the second (final) round was the decisive one for the starting positions of the finals. Pole position was secured by Papachristos V. with his HPI Pro4 followed closely by Gavriilidis V. (Pro4) and Doukakis J. his T1FK05 in 3rd place.

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The first final was won by TQ driver V. Papachristos with his HPI Pro4, followed by less than a second by John Doucakis with his XRAY FK'05. Gavriilidis finished in 3rd.

The second final was quite eventful as the winner was Papachristos again, though after some great battling for position. He was followed by Doukakis (FK'05) in second place with Gavriilidis behind him in 3rd place.

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The third and last attempt of the A final was up next and two different drivers had a chance for 2nd place on podium. In the end, Gavriilidis took the win in this final securing him 2nd place overall. John Doukakis (FK'05) was clearly one of the fastest cars on the track but some bad luck at the start which forced him to play "catch up" to the leader. In the end he just missed pulling off a winning move in the last lap of the 2nd final run.

Final standings were as follows:

A final
1. Papachristos V
2. Gavriiilidis V
3. Doukakis J XRAY T1FK'05
4. Stratinakis XRAY T1FK'04

5. Xatzipaulou
6. Mitsiopoulos T
7. Madikas A
8. Kanis K XRAY T1FK'04
9. Papadopoulos T XRAY T1

10. Mitsiopoulos N

B final
1. Kotsias XRAY T1FK'04

Once again it was great racing once with four XRAY cars in the main final, on a great track with very high speeds and nice passing moves.