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Race report by Drew Butcher
I only ran in the one class this year, 1/8th e.p buggy to keep things nice and simple. And with a little luck on my side. I managed to come away with the TQ and 1st place for the class.

I had a few hiccups in the first 2 qualifiers finishing 2nd in both. First to Steven Madziara and then to Daniel Lokos, both of them drove so well all weekend. But I found my rhytm and a nice race line then managed to win the next 4 qualifiers in a row, giving me TQ and pole position for the finals.

In the first final I managed a 1st place by the absolute skin of my teeth with Steven having a little crash on the last corner of the last lap. And a 2nd place in the next final to Daniel, taking that one down in style with some extremely consistent racing. Hardly making a mistake myself. He was just that bit faster that time around.

I was very nervous before the start of the last final with both Daniel and I having equal points with a 1st and a 2nd each. The last final was going to be the decider. I was lucky enough to get off to a very clean start building a 7 second gap on the first lap, and then just kept it safe for the remainder of the race knowing that everyone else would be pushing that bit harder to try and catch up. I managed an overall consistency of 0.53 seconds a lap in that last final, which topped the weekend off just nicely.

I was running the new XRAY XB8E 2016 spec buggy, with a combination of both Proline Calibers and Proline Blockades all weekend dependent on the level of moisture in the clay track. The car felt absolutely dialed all weekend. And those tyres just hooked up beautifully giving me the edge I needed. I would like to thank my major sponsor Ari Bakla at HEI for the chance to run such great products. I couldn't be happier with their performance, and I couldn't do it without your continual support. It's greatly appreciated, thanks a million mate.

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1/8 Electric Buggy results :
1. Drew Butcher - XRAY XB8
2. Daniel Lokos
3. Steven Madziara
4. Chris Madziara
5. Danny Tatnell