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After many "first look" and "sneak peak" articles in all of the RC Racing press around the world where the T1 came out as absolute winner, we can now see the first real track tests of the brand new XRAY T1 in the racing press from all of the countries. We will bring you these articles as they are published in the press so that you can track review after review. From these you can see how independent drivers and press around the world judge the T1 not only for its quality (where it is the winner without any doubt), but also for its performance at the track.

AUTO RCM (Germany)
We bring you the first racing press track tests that were published in RACE CAR (UK) and AUTO RCM (Germany).

AUTO RCM (Germany)
Read the track test of the XRAY T1 in the German AUTO RCM magazine, issue July 2001. The text is in German.

Here are few extracts from the article:
"The free and easy-working transmissions were noticable at such high speed track."
"The expectations at XRAY were very high from the beginning and were fulfilled in each detail. Whether it is choice of material, ease of servicing or set-up possibilities, any single racecar could not satisfy as much as the T1. The high-quality and precision of all parts (graphite, duraluminum) bring you no need for any option parts."

Check the July issue at your newspaper stand or download this file

Read the track test of the XRAY T1 in the UK RACE CAR magazine, issue August 2001.

Here are few excerpts from the article:
"...very, very good. Definitely a "Q" for quality".
"The T1 is a real race car. It's built by racers for racers, and it has all the bells and whistles of a top line car."
"Although the T1 looks complex it really isn't - in fact it built much quicker than any of the other seven kits."
"The XRAY T1 is a very impressive bit of kit, its quality and finish are without doubt the best."

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Check the August issue at your newspaper stand or download this file