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Race report by Leon McIntosh and Landon Lewis
Formerly a dirt track that held the 2015 ROAR off-road electric nationals, Beachline Raceway in Cocoa Beach, Florida only a couple weeks before the event made a switch to a more Euro style astro turf.

With 215 entries for the race it was sure to be exciting. The series features several national level A-main finalists from all different classes. The track was incredibly challenging as it was all or nothing in terms of throttle and braking. The jumps were also quite difficult as they were positioned directly at corner exits or entry, so it was a challenge in every lap to get the car to slow down enough to square up properly for the jumps.

In Modified Truck, XRAY teammate Landen Lewis and myself battled for TQ. Landen took round 1 and I would take round 2 with the fastest time to take the overall. In the main event one of the jumps would bite me early on and let Landen out to a sizable lead. Multiple times during the race I closed the gap down only to make another bobble. At the final buzzer Landen would take the win with less than a second separating us. Chad Eubanks would take the last step on the podium and lock out the top 3 with XT2s.

Our trucks were amazing and performed flawlessly on the fresh astro turf surface. The next race on the schedule for February 4th will be a very different challenge as it will be on an outdoor dirt track. We look forward to bringing you more great results and setup tips for the XT2. Stay Tuned!

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Stadium truck TOP 3:
1. Landen Lewis - XRAY XT2
2. Leon McIntosh - XRAY XT2
3. Chad Eubanks - XRAY XT2

Leon's XT2 set-up sheet

Landon Lewis says :
“Dad and I arrived at the track Thursday night and starting Friday we started running practice. I remember when I first showed up I was in absolute awe of how amazing everything looked. With the help of Leon, Daniel, and Euro drivers that were nice enough to post setup sheets, we got the cars to be extremely fast for the remainder of the weekend.

Most of the top guys we raced against had been there for 2 weeks working on setups and learning turf racing. Unfortunately, this was a Complete new experience for us and had to learn VERY fast. XT2 is the best Stadium truck EVER. It went 1-2-3 at the event!”

Landon's XT2 set-up sheet

Landon's XB4 set-up sheet