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The XB4 is typical XRAY: ultimate professional, high-competition RC car for the most demanding racers, developed with attention to the finest detail, and backed by premium service & support…a luxury masterpiece.

Continuous development and evolution of the XRAY product line has led to ever-increasing performance. The craftsmanship, durability, and performance of XRAY kits have become legendary.

From national titles around the world… through EOS Champion and European Champion titles… all the way to the World Championship title… the XB4 has an astonishingly long & strong line-up of victories to support the winning heritage of the XRAY XB4 platform.

Look for your hobby shop at: http://forum.teamxray.com/xdealers-map.php and check out an availability of XB4 2017.

1x World Champion
1x European Champion
1x European Vice-Champion
1x European Junior Champion
1x EOS Champion
22x National Champion