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1/10 TT electric had new drivers for the new season with promising future. With 3 finals by 5 minutes, the winner was decided with the 2 best finals.

In the first two finals, Ruben Quintana got the first place for A-Main victory. In the third final he finished on podium again, in this case on 3rd place.

The race for the second position was very competitive. In this case Sergio Navarro who returned to the category after a break got the second place. His points were enough to finish in 2nd place final. The 3rd place podium final was for Leandro Romano.

In the Junior category the fastest driver was Leandro Romano Jr, followed by Tania Llanos and Romualdo Barrameda.
The next race will be on 26th February.

This event was posible thank to sponsors: Ayuntamiento de Telde, Hobby Telde, 3SH AutomociĂłn KIA, CanaryFly, Giuseppe Gabriele, Luminosos Torres and MotorCanario.com

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Final results
1. Ruben Quintana – XRAY XB4
2. Sergio Navarro – XRAY XB4

3. Leandro Romano
4. Alex Gabriele
5. Juan Fco. Montesdeoca
6. Leandro Romano Jr – XRAY XB4
7. Alexis LĂłpez
8. Juan Javier Tejera
9. Juan Manual Hernández – XRAY XB4
10. David GarcĂ­a
11. Tania Llanos – XRAY XB4
12. Romualdo Barrameda – XRAY XB4

13. Victor Manuel Torres
14. Jose Antonio Suarez – XRAY XB4