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Race report by Ashlee Owen
I did not have the pace to run with Dave Crompton in qualifying but drove solid in each run to qualify second in all rounds. Mick Butler running the XB8E would qualify 3rd overall.

Going into finals I started clean but Dave pulled away. I continued to push hard as the conditions become more slippery with the falling rain.

Before the second fuel stops, Dave ran out of fuel, providing me with an opening to contend for the win.

Up until the second to last lap I managed to hold onto to the lead until traffic caused me some issues in the very late stages.

I was happy to finish a solid second with my FX powered XB8 with Mick Butler rounding out the podium in third position with his XB8E.

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Results :
1. Dave Crompton
2. Ashlee Owen – XRAY XB8
3. Mick Butler – XRAY XB8E