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Race report by Ashlee Owen
With showers forecasted we took a chance to run in the new xb8 17 freshly built last week.

Throughout the day we had light showers but the track stood up to the weather well with no standing water.

In practice it was just a matter of bedding in the new kit ready for qualifying. I was amazed by how much more driver and steering the car had, whilst providing stability in the slippery condition.

I only made one change all day. Adding more toe to the rear and reducing the anti squat from kit settings.

We had five rounds of qualifying which would see myself starting second on the grid with Mick butler p5 with his fx powered xb817

After the end of the 22 minute final both myself and Mick would bring our fx powered xb8 buggies home in our qualifying positions with myself in second and Mick in 5th in amongst a very competitive field.

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1. Dave Crompton
2. Ashlee Owen – XRAY XB8
3. Gavin Uttley
4. Colin Brennan
5. Mick Butler – XRAY XB8