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While Nico Schmid collected his first Nitro experience in BĂĽtschwil, Florian Schmid and his teammate Philip Jeisy moved to the Indoor Masters in Islikon. It was the first race for Flori in which he took part alone (without his father or brother support). And Florian showed that he can do it. Flori solved this with bravura. He couldn’t be beaten in the 4WD class. So he took the TQ and the victory in front of his teammates Patrick Vogt and Adi Riederer.

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Buggy 4WD:
1. Florian Schmid - XRAY XB4
2. Patrick Vogt - XRAY XB4
3. Adi Riederer - XRAY XB4

4. Philipp Huber
5. Mario Di Bella - XRAY XB4
6. Daniel Fankhauser
7. Steffen HĂĽbscher - XRAY XB4
8. Daniel Caviezel
9. Benjamin Moos
10. Elias Ehrmann - XRAY XB4

In the 2WD Buggy class, Flori reached a great 2nd place. Congratulations to Philipp Huber for the win and Adi Riederer took the 3rd place in the 2WD class too.

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Buggy 2WD:
1. Philipp Huber
2. Florian Schmid - XRAY XB2
3. Adi Riederer - XRAY XB2

4. Benjamin Moos
5. Roger Frei
6. Martin Weidmann - XRAY XB2
7. Michael Schätzle
8. Christian Schumacher - XRAY XB2
9. Silvan Rhyner
10. Michael Wuest

The winner of the 3rd Islikon Master also won the 4th round. Philip Jeisy took the win in front of Martin Weidmann and Reto Kellenberger in this category.

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2WD Stadium Truck:
1. Philip Jeisy - XRAY XT2
2. Martin Weidmann - XRAY XT2

3. Reto Kellenberger
4. Silvio Pietroboni - XRAY XT2
5. Michael Schätzle - XRAY XT2
6. Hansrudi Embacher- -XRAY XT2
7. Andy ZĂĽlle - XRAY XT2

8. Jan Dissler
9. Manfred Guhl - XRAY XT2

Guys you really made it great! Congratulations on this super performance.

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