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Race report by Leon McIntosh
In the modified Truck A-main XRAY teammate Landen Lewis and I would battle for TQ throughout qualifying. In the end Landen would take the TQ honors with myself in the 2 spot. The main was super late at night when the track was much cooler with moisture coming up in the groove so we had to do a tire change at the last minute. Both Landen and myself outfitted our XT2s with Proline MC Electrons for the main in order to keep lap times low and last for the whole 5 minutes.

In the main, Landen and I would run nose-to-tail for the first half of the race. Landen got it wrong off the back table top jump and I went right by. For the last half of the race my focus turned to getting through traffic clean and not making any mistakes. A few tie ups with back markers let Landen close right back in for the last two laps but when the tone sounded I was able to come across with the win.

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Final Results
1. Leon McIntosh - XRAY XT2
2. Landen Lewis - XRAY XT2

3. Jordan Singletary
4. Dan Borkowicz
5. Jader Lopez
6. Rich Schaffer
7. Mitchell Schaffer
8. David Whitesides
9. Jonathan Paulk
10. Jerome Guiselin

Pictures courtesy of Jconcepts