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Super Touring
The final round of the series seen some top racers attend to challenge for the win. But in keeping with recent rounds Olly topped the podium with back to back final wins. Alex Hagberg came in close to take second and Alex Thurston made up the podium.

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1. Olly Jefferies - XRAY T4
2. Alexander Hagberg - XRAY T4

3. Alex Thurston
4. Tom Green - XRAY T4
5. Nick Waywell - XRAY T4

6. Alex Everett
7. Steve Davis
8. Shaun Ogden

Pro Stock
Once again Zak continued his total domination of the Pro Stock Class at the CWIC XRS 2016/17 season and added the final round win to his 100% record. Dan made the best challenge and
came in second

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1. Zak Finlay - XRAY T4
2. Daniel Blake - XRAY T4
3. Marcus Askell - XRAY T4

4. Andy Travis
5. Chris Hughes - XRAY T4
6. Stewart Wood-end
7. Michael Bolt
8. Ray Chiu - XRAY
9. Dean Jennings
10. Jarret williams - XRAY T4

Round 7 clashed with a GT National and meant a reduced Formula field but RC Disco’s Greg Hill stepped in to make up the numbers and bagged himself a
deserved 3rd place on the podium with Jonathan and Dan finishing ahead to complete the podium

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1. Daniel Blake - XRAY X1
2. Jonathan Simblet - XRAY X1
3. Greg Hill - XRAY X1

4. Kobus van der Westhuizen

LMP 12th
The last round seen the strongest field of the series so far with Alex taking the chance to get some 12th track time in. He predictably to the top spot on the podium with Paul and Daniel completing the podium.

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1. Alexander Hagberg - XRAY X12
2. Paul Ash
3. Daniel Sparrow - XRAY X12
4. Mark Winslow
5. James Alexander
6. Steve Jones
7. James Hole
8. Riley Mills - XRAY X12

The championship came down to the last round for the GT12 class with a shutout for the championship with Tom and Chris. Tom managed a win and 2nd place to take the overall win for the round and secure the championship!

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1. Tom Hampson
2. Lee Owen
3. Chris Gunter
4. Jonathan Simblet
5. Daniel Sparrow
6. Mark Bruton-Young
7. Adrian Parkes
8. John Ridding
9. Tommie Chiu
10. Benjamin Kirkham

In the next days we will publish a series report. Thanks to all the racers who came and made the event possible! See you all again in 32 weeks!

Full photo gallery here

Video recap :