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Race report by Jeremy Potter
This past weekend was the Top Gun Offroad Carpet Shootout held in Kennewick, WA. I was able to pilot my XB2 CE '17 to a 4th place starting spot on the grid and after the triple A mains, I secured 1st overall with wins in A1 and A3.

In 4wd Mod Buggy with my XB4 '17 I would 3rd in the A's and finish up with a 2nd place in A1 and A2, along with a win in A3 to take 2nd overall.

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2wd Mod Podium:
1. Jeremy Potter – XRAY XB2
2. Austin Azure – XRAY XB2

3. Kason Russell

4WD Mod Podium:
1. Darren Shank – XRAY XB4
2. Jeremy Potter – XRAY XB4
3. Kevin Searl – XRAY XB4

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XB4 Set-up sheet

XB2 Set-up sheet