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Race report by Jason Nugroho
The 1st round of Jakarta Regional Buggy Champ was held at Graha Raya track, Serpong, West Java last weekend.

Due to heavy rain before race day, the race started with delay and the race director change race format from 3 rounds of 10 min to 3 rounds of 7 min with 2 best rounds to count.

The track was wet and muddy during the race day and that made my car difficult to drive at first qualifying . I´ve got better setup at 2nd and 3rd qualifying .
My XRAY team mate, Indra Liono got better qualifying result and after 3 qualifying time, he got 2nd and I got 3rd position from overall qualifying position.

Indra started at 2nd and I started at 3rd at starting grid, but I´ve got bad start, my car flip and some cars hit my car, it made my steering servo broken in the beginning of race.

I lost about 10 minutes for changing servo and I couldn’t compete at the race.
Indra, Rama and Adrian were very tight to get position 1,2,3. At the end Indra finished 2nd, and he was only 10 sec behind the 1st winner.

A-main results:
1. Rama Tribudiman
2. Indra Liono - XRAY XB8
3. Adrian Sutanto
4. John Agus (TQ)
5. Adrian Wicaksono
6. Darmadi K.
7. Vindra Mboi
8. Yudha Sanjaya
9. Kenji Liono
10. Dimaz Arianto
11. Yan
12. Rizky P. - XRAY XB8
13. M. Feby
14. Falla
15. Jason Nugroho - XRAY XB8