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Race report by Leon McIntosh
This is truly a historic Florida track with a great crew and weather that is incredibly unpredictable. In years past what would start out as a beautiful sunny day would devolve into hurricane force winds and rain. Fortunately, this was not the case. The amazing weather ensured that the sugared track produced incredibly high traction and even higher tire wear.

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Throughout the day racers tried every compound under the sun but most settled on their respective brands long wear compounds. The track was complete sand paper. It had what looks like an easy layout but proved to be very challenging with the speeds we were going. The back jump was shaped to be a double-double but quickly turned into a quad because of the abundance of traction to give you an idea.

Qualifying started out fast and furious with over 200 entries turning our for the one day race. It would be the first time in series history that XRAY vehicles would take Top Qualifier position in all of the prestigious Modified classes. Landen Lewis put his XB2 on top with a stellar run in Round 2 and Leon Mcintosh took top honors in both Truck Modified and the ever competitive 4wd Modified.

By the time the mains came around everyone had figured out their lines and because of the traction every jump turned into a Banzai attempt at going further each time.

With the series Championship on the line teammates Leon McIntosh and Landen Lewis were set to do battle. Leon led out from the TQ position and never looked back. Landen mid way through the race started to close the gap but an unfortunate incident with a lapped car in mid air resulted in a breakage. Landen would limp home in 3rd. The TQ and Win for Mcintosh resulted in the 2017 Super Cup Modified Truck Championship.

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Truck Modified
1. Leon McIntosh - XRAY XT2
2. Jordan Singletary
3. Landen Lewis - XRAY XT2
4. Rueben Diaz - XRAY XT2

5. Jared Cooper
6. Mitchell Schaeffer
7. Dan Borkowicz
8. Loren Kretzschmar - XRAY XT2
9. Rich Shaffer
10. Jonathan Hutton
11. Josue Valantine
12. Chade Eubanks - XRAY XT2

The last and fastest race to run of the day was 4wd Modified. Leon McIntosh would lead the entire first half of the race with his XB4 only to get bit by the infamous quad in the back section of the track. Daimon Borkwicz would come all the way from 5th on the grid to take the win followed by Landen Lewis in the 2 spot and Leon in the 3.

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4WD Modified
1. Daimon Borkowicz
2. Landen Lewis - XRAY XB4 ’17
3. Leon McIntosh - XRAY XB4 ’17

4. Ryan Eckert
5. Thomas Tran - XRAY XB4 ’17
6. Mike Barone
7. Randy Deppen
8. Joel Gardner
9. Chad Eubanks - XRAY XB4 ’17
10. Dustin Eich - XRAY XB4 ’17