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Race report by Zsolt Bajusz
While we are in springtime, we were lucky with the weather, and the race day was a sunny summer day. During the qualification heats I had no problems, so I waited for the final in the pole position.

The start was successful, and during the 30 minutes final I drove in first position almost all the time. Finally I have finished in 1st place.

My car, XRAY NT1 was easy to drive and very stable, so I could drive it fast enough for the top of the podium without risky manoeuvres.

Thanks for my mechanic, Laszlo for the fast refueling and the engine setup.

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Nitro modified :
1. Zsolt Bajusz - XRAY NT1
2. Péter Taál
3. Tamás Sági
4. Gábor László - XRAY NT1
5. Gergő Lehner
6. Béla Pogátsnik
7. Zoltán Jáger
8. Péter Varsányi - XRAY NT1

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Nitro stock :
1. Dániel Sági
2. Zoltán Polyák - XRAY NT1
3. Richárd Kovács
4. Norbert Rosinszky
5. János Gellén
6. Ábris Pogátsnik
7. Tamás Kovács
8. Tamás Kádár - XRAY NT1
9. Attila Jáger
10. Tibor Lukácsi

NT1 Set-up sheet