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Some minor changes to the last season's rules. The first race took place in our fanatix racing track. We plan to take XRS out of Athens too. The race was as always great fun and atmosphere. The competition was tough with many drivers collecting the same points and the winners came out from qualification positions.

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1. Diamadis – XRAY NT1
2. Tsatsamis – XRAY NT1

3. Drakopoulos

Diamadis has 2 flame outs but managed to make a great fast race and pass Tsatsamis at the last refueling and finished with his NT1 some seconds ahead. Drakopoulos was the youngest driver and only his 2nd race so it was a great performance for him. The championship is open for all cars and the first race went to last seasons' champion Diamadis.

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1. Sikianakis
2. Diamadis – XRAY X1
3. Kidis – XRAY X1

This race was with open tires so everyone had a pleasant driving with the tires suited best for him. Sikianakis managed to win after some tough competition from Diamadis who had the same points at the end but Sikianakis had better starting position which counts when drivers have the same wins. The next race will be more difficult as we go back to the handout tire which is more difficult to drive. Five of the nine races will be with open tires and the rest four with handout so the championship will be more interesting.

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1. Papadopoulos
2. Kritikos Padelis
3. Kritikos Nikos

Pancar was an easy race for Papadopoulos as Kazoglou - the '16 champion - was absent. Great performance from Kritikos Padelis, a newcomer to this class.

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TC modified
1. Velaoras – XRAY T4
2. Diamadis – XRAY T4
3. Kidis – XRAY T4

Tasos Velaoras was the winner of that class winning all final runs. Behind him was a mess as the following 3 drivers had the same points. So they finished with their qualification order as Diamadis 2nd, Kidis 3rd and Tsatsamis 4th all with the same wins.

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TC 17,5
1. Ioannidis – XRAY T4
2. Papadopoulos
3. Zogogiannis – XRAY T4

The most difficult class in a very big track where every small mistake counts. Ioannidis took the pole position but it was not easy to make it a win. He won the 1st final run but Zogogiannis took the 2nd and Papadopoulos took the 3rd. Great competition with 3 different drivers to win each final round. Finally last season junior champion Ioannidis took the win points and lead the championship.