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Race report by Alexander Hagberg
In modified, I was quickly able to find a good setup during the open practice on Friday and Saturday. Thanks to close team work together with Francesco Martini and Alessio Menicucci, we could work towards a good basic setting for the race on Sunday.

I managed to take the TQ position by winning 2 rounds out of 4 in qualifying, as well as setting the quickest overall time in the process. Alessio Menicucci showed a very strong pace, and TQed Q4, to put himself 2nd on the grid.

In the finals, I could win A1 & 3 unchallenged. In A2 I had problem with traction due to a different tire strategy, which gave the win to Daniel Baldissari.

Alessio was unfortunately the victim of a couple of incidents, and had to settle for 3rd overall.

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In the Pro Stock class, Mattia Collina was the man to beat, taking a convincing TQ position, and converting it into a win in the finals with his T4'17! Mattia was the winner of this ETS event last year, and is certainly looking to be in good form this year as well! Nico Catelani came in 2nd, running for XRAY as well, and Gabriele Berselli rounded out the podium for our team!

The formula class was won by Gianni Zonzini from San Marino! He took his X1'17 to an impressive win in front of ETS Championship leader David Ehrbar! This meant that XRAY secured the win in every category this weekend!

It was a great warm-up and test session for the ETS, with a lot of fun on and off the track as well! It's always great to hang out with our Italian XRAY team - always a good laugh! We are looking forward to an equally strong performance by the entire XRAY team at the ETS in a few weeks!

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1. Mattia Collina - XRAY T4'17
2. Nico Catelani - XRAY T4'17
3. Gabriele Berselli - XRAY T4'17
4. Andrea Valerio - XRAY T4'17
5. Nicola Fornasari - XRAY T4'17

6. Giacomo Montanari
7. Andrea Selva - XRAY T4'17
8. Roberto Fabiano
9. Mirco Biondi
10. Gianni Zonzini - XRAY T4'17

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Modified results:
1. Alexander Hagberg - XRAY T4'17
2. Daniel Baldisarri
3. Alessio Menicucci - XRAY T4'17
4. Andrea Ghilotti - XRAY T4'17

5. Ronald Völker
6. Alessio Mancini - XRAY T4'17
7. Fabrizio Manicardi - XRAY T4'17

8. Alessio Mota
9. Giuseppe Di Liguori - XRAY T4'17
10. Alessio Tolomelli

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Formula results:
1. Gianni Zonzini - XRAY X1'17
2. David Ehrbar
3. Bryan Ferrara
4. Andrea Selva - XRAY X1'17
5. Valerio Solc? - XRAY X1'17

6. Claudio Cristofori