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Race report by Mustafa Alp
Round 1 of Turkish Onroad Championship was held on 29th-30th of May at beautiful Efmod Track in İzmir. Weather was really good all weekend unlike last year, so we enjoyed full racing action.
I entered the race in two categories, EP Prostock and Nitro Touring.

EP Stock:
I prepared my car with Flex Alu chassis prior to the race expecting high traction. Car was perfect all weekend, very stable and easy to drive with lots of cornerspeed. We had some nice battle with Ahmet, at the end I TQ ed 3 out of 5 qualifiers and had the pole position for the finals.
In first 2 finals I comfortably had the lead of the race from tone to tone and brought home victory. Ahmet suffered from early mistakes in the races, eliminating the chance of challenging for the win.

Young 10 year old Xray driver Poyraz Serezlioğlu was very impressive, finishing 3rd on his hometrack against more experienced drivers. I can not wait to see him battling for the top position.

Prostock field was absolutely dominated by Xray, all drivers using T4 chassis. Actually, it was more like an Xray challenge, all drivers participating in stock category was using Xray chassis if Im not mistaken.

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I built the new NT1 2017 prior to the race, using nearly all standart parts and my basic setup from last year. In friday practise I made some simple changes such as anti roll bar, caster and ride height to make the car easier to drive on this high traction track.

I TQ ed 3 qualifiers to lock the pole for Main final. Car was superb, and I managed to break the track record which was previously held by Coelho from 2015 Euros if Im not mistaken. Unfortunately in last quali I had a problem with my best engine so for the final I had to use a slow engine.

45 minute final went absolutely faultless for me, winning some 9 laps in front of 2nd place. During the final 2nd place was handed to many drivers after fast drivers like Alain, Halit, Onur had problems during the race. At the end, XRAZ driver Mertcan Çakmak had a slow and steady race and finished 2nd, and Mert Ekici Finished 3rd, completing the podium.

I want to thank my sponsors, Xray, Sanwa, Team Ncrc, Hipex, Hiro Seiko, Runnertime for their continuous support. Special thanks to Umut Turkay, my mechanic, my sponsor, and much more than words can describe. Halit Korpe, race organiser, my close friend with great sense of humor, bringing fun to races. Ahmet Kasap, for exciting stock battles, and for helping tire change. Murat Büdün, long philosopy talks and questioning the life when wrenching the cars. My family, and friends, that always support me and never leave me alone. And all the TORC family that make this race possible. Thank you all.

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Prostock A Final results:
1. Mustafa Alp - XRAY T4
2. Ahmet Kasap - XRAY T4
3. Poyraz Serezlioğlu - XRAY T4
4. Berk Öğretmen - XRAY T4
5. Onur Karaçuhalılar - XRAY T4
6. Sefer Kürşad Alalma - XRAY T4
7. Tom How - XRAY T4
8. Ata Kahvecioglu - XRAY T4
9. Emirhan Savaş - XRAY T4
10. Murat Çağış - XRAY T4

Nitro Touring A main results:
1. Mustafa Alp - XRAY NT1
2. Mertcan Çakmak - XRAY NT1

3. Mert Ekinci
4. Ali Kaya
5. Alain Sarafyan - XRAY NT1
6. Onur Vardar - XRAY NT1
7. Utku Kızıldağ - XRAY NT1
8. Mert Köroğlu - XRAY NT1
9. Suat Bayrakal - XRAY NT1
10. Halit Körpe - XRAY NT1