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Race report by Monika Ackermann
On Saturday Michael Henzi repeated the good result from Lostallo and he won the race with his RX8 in front of Daniel Braunschweiler and Stefan Graber. In the 1/10th Patrick Fankhauser took the win with his NT1 in front of Roger Fasler and Manfred Ebener.

Sunday was really good, the weather was better and warmer. The racing weather was really good too with very good results of our customers. Everybody was motivated!

Henzi Michael and his father Thomas were the fastest on the track during the qualifiying rounds and at the end Thomas finished in TQ in front of his son Michael. On the 3rd spot Wenger Martin, with the RX8 too.

In the 20min final Michael and Thomas Henzi decided to change all the 4 tires after 10min. Simon did a perfect job and so Michael Henzi could finish the final in 2nd position behind his father Thomas. On the 3rd spot finished Raphael Wicki.

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3. Run 1/8
1. Michael Henzi - XRAY RX8
2. Daniel Braunschweiler
3. Stefan Graber
4. Christian Kurzbuch
5. Martin Messerli
6. Ktisak Pluemjit
7. Beat Aeberhardt
8. Beat Heiniger - XRAY RX8
9. Thomas Henzi - XRAY RX8
10. Martin Wenger - XRAY RX8

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3. Run 1/10
1. Patrick Fankhauser - XRAY NT1
2. Roger Fasler
3. Manfred Ebener
4. Stefan Wüthrich - XRAY NT1
5. Marco Schwab
6. Giuseppe D'Arrigo - XRAY NT1
7. Andreas Ebener
8. Roland Fankhauser - XRAY NT1
9. Dominik Denoth
10. Donato Larocca

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4. Run 1/8
1. Thomas Henzi - XRAY RX8
2. Michael Henzi - XRAY RX8

3. Raphael Wicki
4. Daniel Braunschweiler
5. Stefan Graber
6. Peter Hardegger
7. Dominik Mucnjak
8. Beat Heiniger - XRAY RX8
9. Beat Aeberhardt
10. Daniel Schwendimann

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4. Run 1/10
1. Maurice Lüscher
2. Dominik Denoth
3. Manfred Ebener
4. Ruben Straub - XRAY NT1
5. Marco Schwab
6. Stefan Wüthrich - XRAY NT1
7. Peter Koller - XRAY NT1
8. Sascha Straub - XRAY NT1
9. Patrick Fankhauser - XRAY NT1

10. Roger Fasler

Congratulations to all the drivers for the good results. Thanks to Ariane and Sue for the pictures.

Many thanks to MRCL for the organization and to Beat and Käthi Stadler, the MC Best Cup organisers. Without them it is impossible to organize such a nice event. I really appreciate the weekend.