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Race report by Mike Sousa
So this past weekend we decided to make the trip out to the indoor Quebec nationals for some more testing with the new cars. I tried a lot of different setups with the car and learned a lot of what the car does on certain surfaces and really feel I have got it figured out really well.

In Qualifying I tried some different clutch setups and was not happy with how the car handled and got 4th for the round. In the second and third round I went back to a setup that was working in practice and was able to TQ both rounds. In the final round I couldn't understand when the race started and started a lap down on the qual. I put my head down and my car felt better then ever and was able to get a second.

Shoutout to team associated driver Sam Langer on the Q4 TQ. In the main I was starting on the pole and can say my car was the best car I've ever driven and was able to win the race. Thank you to my sponsors and the hole track crew for building the track and JĂ©rĂ´me Treignier for the organizing.

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Pro Buggy Podium
1. Mark Sousa – XRAY XB8
2. Eric Deschenes
3. Sam Langer

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Pro Truggy Podium
1. Mark Sousa – XRAY XT9
2. Eric Deschenes
3. Carl Boulaire