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Race report by Max Gotzl
On Saturday’s morning we started qualies, finally at this race we drove 4 qualies. After first 3 qualies I was holding TQ but in the last one Kája Novotný beat me. Then I was starting 1st to the semi-final B and I finished it on the 1st place with a lead of 2 laps. Kája bumped up from the semi A on 1st place but with faster time than me, so he was starting 1st to the main, I was 2nd and Aleš Bidovský 3rd.

The start of the main wasn’t very bad, there were no mistakes for me and Kája but in the third lap Kája made a little mistake and I got in front of him. After first fuel tanking I made the lead bigger. In the middle of the main it started raining so the conditions were worse and worse. I was getting slower and my lead was geting smaller. But after 2nd and my last fuel tanking I made my lead bigger again, then Kája had to tank fuel once more, so I had bigger lead. I was still getting slower with the rain but I made it to the finish line on the.1st place!

Thanks to all my sponsors for the support and congrats Kája for the 2nd place and great fight for the win.

XRAY HUDY FX HobbyWing SRT NITROLUX WTF DubiDesign DFcreative Hspeed HOECO Retech Proline RcKajaRacing.

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Race report by Kaja Novotny
The 2nd round of Czech Open took place last weekend in Horni Jeleni. Even though weather forecast wasn´t been looking good, everything worked out good and we could race.

In practice my new XB8´17 was working very good and we almost didn´t change anything on the car setup.

In qualifications, Q1 was not really a good run for me, but luckily I managed to take TQ. Unfortunately, in Q2 and Q3 I suffered DNF/DNS, but then set the fastest time in Q4 to take overall TQ. Semifinal was the best run of the day for me with everything working perfectly, I managed to win my semi with more than a lap in front of second driver and took pole position for the main final.

Unfortunately all the luck I had in semi left me in the final. In the end, I finished 2nd behind Max Gotzl, congrats! Also congratulations to Ales Bidovsky making it TOP 3 for XB8, PL Blockade and FX engine!

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TOP 12:
1. Max Gotzl – XRAY XB8
2. Kaja Novotny (TQ) – XRAY XB8
3. Ales Bidovsky – XRAY XB8

4. Jiri Dvorak
5. Martin Zicha
6. Martin Rytir – XRAY XB8
7. Martin Vins
8. Pavel Braun
9. Petr Javorovsky
10. Tomas Fic
11. Petr Javorovsky (sen)
12. Frantisek Kalenda

Thanks a lot to my parents and all my sponsors for their support!

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