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Race report by Monika Ackermann
On Friday the weather was quite good, they put sugar on the track and the traction was good, but unfortunately during the afternoon it started raining.

On Saturday morning the track was still wet but it dried very fast and we could practice for another 20mins during the morning. The track condition was quite different from Friday because the rain washed all the sugar away so we had to work very hard in order to find the right setup.

This year in the 1/8th we were able to work all together with the new XRAY teammates Henzi Thomas and Michael, Cona Michele and Cannas Roberto too. Everyone tried something different and in the end everybody had a very good car and a good pace.

Unfortunately we could finish only 2 of 4 rounds on a dry track. The second round was cancelled because it started raining and the 3rd was on a wet track.

After this odyssey, Mattia took the 3rd place behind Hächler and the TQ Kurzbuch Simon.

Hächler, Pesenti, Henzi and Hasler took part to the SuperPole round but unfortunately Hächler couldn’t start because he crashed his car during the last round. Mattia took the lead until the last minute, when Hasler did 3 super fast laps in order to be in the A-Main with Kurzbuch.

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In the 1/10 all XRAY drivers did a very good job and Patrick Fankhauser took the pole position in front of Traugott Schär, Maurice Lüscher, Michael Schäfer und Roger Fasler. Due to the fact that you must keep the car you used on the last round, only Schäfer and Schär had the car with dry tires and so Traugott could take the place in the A-Main in front of Schäfer.

Sunday was another day with strange weather forecast. But it was an important day for the whole XRAY team. In the 1/8th we had 6 RX8 in the semifinals but unfortunately only Mattia Pesenti and Thomas Henzi reached the A-Main.

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In the 1/10th 6 XRAY cars reached the A-Main, but unfortunately before the 1/10th Final the rain came again, but it stopped just before the start.

Traugott Schaer decided to start the final with intermediate tires, but almost everybody was running with wet tires. Schaer was very fast during the first minutes. After 10 minutes he decided to change to dry tires because the track started to dry up and for sure he couldn’t finish the final with those tires. Monika and Mattia were ready to change the tires the nervousness comes. During the change they lost a nut and Traugott lost 4 laps during this pit stop. Kevin Lehnerr was in the lead, always with wet tires and 3 laps in front of Traugott. During the last minutes Kevin had no more tires in the front so Traugott could win in front of Michael Schäfer and Kevin Lehnerr.

Luckily the 1/8th Final was on a dry track. Mattia started from position number 3 and took the second place behind Kurzbuch already in the first lap, followed by Hächler Silvio. Simon was so fast and after 10minutes he already had 10seconds gap from Mattia and Silvio.

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In the 3rd pit stop Mattia did a mistake and lost the second place. Simon had some engine problems after 17mins and he had to stop his race.

Silvio decided to change the tires after 20mins and Mattia knew that his car was still very fast with small tires too, so he changed the tires after 25mins. After changing tires Mattia and Silvio still in the same lap, but Silvio had 10 seconds advantage. In the last 10minutes Mattia pushed the car to the limit, setting a very fast lap of 16.780, only 0.1sec from the best lap of Simon Kurzbuch. He tried to push in order to pass Silvio in the last laps but unfortunately he didn’t. Mattia closed his race in 2nd position only 1second behind Hächler Silvio. What a race! And great performance of his RX8!

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1/10 Results:
1. Traugott Schär - XRAY NT1
2. Michael Schäfer - XRAY NT1
3. Kevin Lehnherr - XRAY NT1
4. Patrick Fankhauser - XRAY NT1

5. Maurice Lüscher
6. Christian Lehnherr - XRAY NT1
7. Roger Fasler
8. Patrick Courtet - XRAY NT1
9. Cédric Ansermoz
10. Donato Larocca

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1. Silvio Hächler
2. Mattia Pesenti - XRAY RX8
3. Christopher Biernat
4. Christophe Pethoud
5. Raphael Roider
6. Thomas Henzi - XRAY RX8
7. Remy Hasler
8. Simon Kurzbuch
9. Jürg Nydegger
10. Luca Martinelli