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Race report by Robert Bowers
Qualifier 1 was really good. It was a nice way to start with a 1st place finish. 2nd qualifier didn't start very well and during the the first few laps the car felt off did I pulled it off the track and found a few loose screws in the motor. The 3rd qualifier was on a dry track and I didn't make the best tire choice. The car was very loose and I finished with a 4th. In the 4th qualifier I had a few too many mistakes but ended up with a 2nd. The car felt great in the 5th qualifier and I drove a lot smoother. Turned out to be my best run and finished with the only 10 lap qualifier!! Finished 1st and wrapped up TQ!!

Scoring came down really close between Gary and I but that 10 lap round gave me the tie breaker!!! Triple A Mains were ran and A1 started things off right. 1st place and the car felt even more consistent. A2 was definitely more of a battle and the pressure from the other drivers maybe made me make a few more mistakes but still pulled off the win!! 2 wins and a wrap of the overall win with my first time running the XRAY!!!!

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1/8 E-Buggy results:
1. Robert Bowers – XRAY XB8E
2. Gary Fleigel - HB
3. Byron MacKenzie