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Race report by Justin Chambers
Sunday 7. May 2017 I raced at Dorcot Raceway In Delawayre, Ohio for the JC Summer Points Series. The day was packed with learning experiences since I've never raced 1/10 outdoors. Started off the day in nitro buggy and I could tell the track was not forgiving and 1/10 is gonna be difficult.

In 2WD Mod buggy I was qualified 2nd and finished 1st.

Finally got to run the 4WD buggy and it seemed ok just kinda under powered with a 13.5 so I just drove super clean and took second in qualifying. During the main the number one guy broke on the first lap and I took first and never looked back. Over all it was a good day of racing and both buggies finished their race.

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1. Justin Chambers - XRAY XB4
2. Rob Mangold
3. Mike Frank