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Race report by Jarno Pijpers
In the NRW only GRP-tires are allowed. On Saturday, we drove the first qualification l, and I got the first place. On Sunday morning it rain really hard, so the track was very slippery. My second qualification didn’t go so well, and because it was raining so hard the race was stopped for an hour. Thanks to this we skipped the 3th qualification.

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Because I did well on Saturday I took the TQ. In the semi final we made a really bad choice in my car setup since we expected the track to dry up faster. I started on the first place and I finished on the 6th place because of our bad set-up choice. Luckily this was good enough to bump up to the A-main. For the final we changed the diffs, shocks and springs which turned out to be a good decision. The car felt great and was easy to drive. In the A-final I started on the 10th position, I had a good start and after a few laps I was on the 4th spot behind Rayco van der Sluis. We were fighting for the 3th place but I made a mistake and I was far behind. After 15 minutes I was back at his tail and we were battling for the 3th spot. I passed him and after that Rayco had bad luck. So I had a huge gap between me and the 4th place and P2 driver Sander. The last 5 minutes I was just driving to the end.

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It was a great race and I finished on the 3rd place, and had also the fastest lap in the A-main. My XB8 with FX engine was great, unfortunately my choice for the semi cost me a better result.

Many thanks to my sponsors:

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